Our Shea Butter


Sourced from the heart of Africa:

We source the best quality shea butter from Ghana. Shea butter is derived from the nuts of the wild growing Karite Tree. It has been used for centuries across the continent, even ancient cultures such as the Egyptians viewed shea butter as a valuable commodity and used it to protect their skin and hair from the unrelenting sun. In other tribes still, the shea tree was considered so sacred that only women were allowed to touch it or its fruits.

Made the traditional way:

Our shea butter is made traditionally the way it has been done by local women for centuries. The nuts of the Karite Tree are hand harvested, thoroughly washed, sorted and left to air dry. During the drying process the nuts are sorted once more and poor-quality ones removed. The nuts are then crushed/milled into a course texture and then roasted to release the oils within them. Once roasted, the nuts are laid on slabs to cool before being milled once again into a paste-like brown substance ready to become shea butter. This paste is then, in a delicate but labour-intensive process, hand kneaded with water. The resultant paste is then churned/whipped by hand so that the oils coagulate into shea butter. Finally, the butter is gently boiled to remove excess moisture and any impurities skimmed off. The remaining shea butter is strained, covered and left to cool and solidify. The result is an unrefined miraculous beauty, anti-aging and therapeutic lotion.